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Chocolate, Banana and Almond Lollies

May 28, 2011


A silly little post this one really, but quite fun and sometimes kitchen creations should be just that! Chocolate, banana and nuts are such a good match. When I was younger, bananas were wrapped in foil, stuffed with squares of chocolate and baked on the barbecue until hot and oozy – heaven! These little lollies are […]

Chocolate and Cherry Brownies (butter & flour free!)

May 21, 2011


The chocolate brownie was created to torment sweet-toothed individuals everywhere! The absolute deliciousness of biting through a slightly crunchy top, to a dense, moist and moreish chocolate centre is enough to weaken the willpower of even the strongest! When served warm drizzled with cream or cold, cold ice cream the chocolate brownie reaches what I can only imagine are […]

Amazingly Easy Tiramisu

May 13, 2011


I’m a big fan of easy desserts than can be whipped-up very quickly with the general contents of my cupboard! There are only a few of these concoctions though that are more than a guitly-eating pleasure and can raise themselves to guest-worthy status. My three never fail easy and guest-worthy desserts are Eton Mess, Zabaglione […]

Lessons in Chocolate Making

May 3, 2011


Recently, I took my mum and my mum-in-law to be for an introductory course in chocolate making at Somersby Chocolates in Nottingham. This was quite a different type of cookery lesson than I’ve had before, where I ordinarily learn quite complicated dishes. On this occasion, the owner and teacher Hughie O’Hare, shared his tips of […]

Chocolate Zabaglione (adults only!)

January 30, 2011


There are many different chocolate mousse recipes, with varying amounts of intensity and difficulty. In small quantities, I favour a mousse with rich, strong, dark flavours. I’ll savour it a tiny spoonful at a time until it happily disappears. On other occasions, a lighter, softer fare is required. I’m thinking of a grown-up version of the chocolate […]

Cheat’s Chocolate Truffles 2

November 29, 2010


As promised, here is the second recipe for easy-chocolate truffles…. They are essentially cake-covered chocolate balls, which in America are referred to as ‘cake pops’ and formed into sticks of beauty. You can easily make these, by just adding the plastic stick into the truffle and leaving it to dry. You may wish to use […]

Cheat’s Chocolate Truffles

November 26, 2010


Magazines this time of year are full of lots of rather inspiring ways to make home-grown gifts for your loved ones at Christmas. This is all very well and lovely, and I too have been struck by the desire to create and give…only with a lingering feeling that people might prefer Boots 3f2 than my […]