Who’s behind Parlour & Pantry?

Hi! I’m Helen, a food-obsessed 20-something on a mission to upskill herself in domestic arts.

My original foray into blogging came in the form of http://www.feedahappylife.co.uk , a showcase for all of the creations coming out of my kitchens. After some thought and much tweaking though, I decided to go back to the blogging drawing board and review what I really wanted to create and share.

The answer was about more than just kitchen creations. I wanted to spend time learning, doing and writing about other things. Things connected with food but not solely about cooking. Instead, I wanted to blog about my adventures in the allotment, charting the growth (or not…) of  the fruit and vegetables that I would hopefully create new dishes with. I also wanted to learn and share new craft ideas and, having embarked on the purchase of a sewing machine, I’m raring to create table-cloths, placemats and all things home.

Hence Parlour and Pantry was born. My intention is for this to be the ‘home of homemade’. A living record of my trials and tribulations as I attempt to grow, cook and craft items of delight. I’m inspired by people like Nigella (clearly the goddess of the kitchen) and Martha Stewart (the queen of all things home). With a little effort and perseverance, I’m hoping to achieve my own palace of perfection to share with my friends, family and readers of Parlour and Pantry.

This really is my passion and I’m hoping in 2011 to take it off the pages of this blog and make it live in farmers markets in Nottinghamshire. This journey, the ups and the downs, will be charted here too!

So, hopefully now you understand a little about me and what Parlour and Pantry is all about! And, if you don’t, you can always get in touch with me via twitter or parlourandpantry@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks for following me!

Helen x

3 Responses “Who’s behind Parlour & Pantry?” →
  1. Hi Helen

    Just checking you received my email re editorial pieces in Open Spaces and SOTR magazines.
    I wondered if we could use one recipe and one craft piece for the Jan/Feb issue rather than two recipes. Could you email me at the above address or call me on 07786 968132 to discuss. Thanks. Sophie

  2. Hi there! I found your site off the foodpress site and sounds like we like many of the same things, including crafting and cooking…and Martha! She IS the queen of everything home. I really like your site and I’ll be back to visit soon. =)

    • Thanks for letting me know – lots of poepl must have found me from foodpress – this is a good thing!! Your blue cheese stuffed grapes look gorgeous!! I live next to Colston Basset in the UK – amazing blue cheese!


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