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Coco-Berry Bake Bars

June 26, 2011


I’ve been experimenting lately with cake bars. A slightly more solid version of cakey-lovelyness, which seem popular in a lot of my American and Australian cookbooks. The traditional sponge in all it’s forms still reigns supreme in tea shops and kitchens in the UK, but I think there may also be a place for these […]

Raspberry & Almond Bake Bars

June 18, 2011


I do very, very much love the combination of raspberry and almond. In nowhere can it’s deliciousness be beaten than in the perfect Bakewell Tart. Pastry, frangipane, tart raspberries and smooth almonds combine to create mouthfuls of heaven. Perfection!! This I should point out though is not a bakewell tart! It’s a bit of everything really…. A […]

Cherry & Lemon Curd Tray Bake

June 14, 2011


I do love cherries! A quick scan back over the recipes on Parlour & Pantry brings back happy memories of Cherry & Ricotta Muffins and the decadent White Chocolate and Cherry Crunch Trifle. I recently chanced upon a greengrocer offering them at an absolute steal and bought a brown paper bag, greedily stuffed to the brim […]

Chocolate and Cherry Brownies (butter & flour free!)

May 21, 2011


The chocolate brownie was created to torment sweet-toothed individuals everywhere! The absolute deliciousness of biting through a slightly crunchy top, to a dense, moist and moreish chocolate centre is enough to weaken the willpower of even the strongest! When served warm drizzled with cream or cold, cold ice cream the chocolate brownie reaches what I can only imagine are […]

Cherry & Ricotta Muffins

March 27, 2011


As my recent posts (Almond & Pear Tart) will attest, I’ve been having a bit of a cupboard clear out. Among other delights, I was faced with a tin of black pitted cherries in juice. I pondered my options….cherry pie maybe, cherry cobbler, cherry sauce for game perhaps?? However, the problem with tinned cherries is […]

Almond & Pear Tart

March 17, 2011


I’ve been having a bit of a pantry clear-out lately, resulting in the discovery of a number of oddities lurking at the back of my kitchen cupboards. It would appear that a vast amount of my cupboard space is taken up by individually questionable tins of pears, cherries, pumpkin puree, chestnuts, evaporated milk and condensed […]

Banana Chai Bread

March 9, 2011


I am not a fan of brown bananas. Any hint of brown speckles on my banana skins and I know that they’ve ripened to far for me. It’s a constant challenge of Helen vs. the fruit bowl to eat them before they get to that stage! Thankfully, there is a way for me to rescue […]