Cheat’s Chocolate Truffles 2

Posted on November 29, 2010


As promised, here is the second recipe for easy-chocolate truffles…. They are essentially cake-covered chocolate balls, which in America are referred to as ‘cake pops’ and formed into sticks of beauty.

You can easily make these, by just adding the plastic stick into the truffle and leaving it to dry. You may wish to use slightly less cream cheese to create a firmer filling to hold the stick – trial and error here I think.

Of course, you can do as I have done, and just leave these in their original truffle form. This time I’ve used dark chocolate and covered half of the truffles in cinnamon sugar. These look great on a plate and the sugar adds a different texture. I also think that the dark chocolate works better than milk/white given the sweetness of the filling.

Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon Truffles

150g dark chocolate, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 150g madeira cake, 150g cream cheese, 40g icing sugar, 50 g granulated sugar

Crumble the cake into a bowl and stir through the cream cheese and icing sugar. It should be moist enough to roll into a firm ball but not too sticky. Chill for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes melt the chocolate (microwave easiest method here!), take half of the cake mix and roll into 5-6 evenly sized balls, using the palms of your hands. Drop, 1-by-1, into the chocolate and gently roll to cover. Remove and place on a lined baking sheet. Mix the cinnamon with the granulated sugar in a small bowl/plate and repeat the cake rolling processes with the remaining mix. Once covered in the chocolate, gently drop and roll in the cinnamon sugar. Remove and place on the baking sheet. Place the truffles in the fridge to cool for 20 minutes and serve (recipe makes 10-12 truffles).

Helen x