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Allotment Adventures: February

February 20, 2011


It has been some time since I’ve written about the allotment, as we allowed the winter to do it’s best to freeze and break-up the soil. However, we can hide from manual labour no longer and must put spade to soil and grow some veg! February Action Plan: Add grit to our clay-ey soil Check […]

Digging Complete (for now…)!

November 22, 2010


Well, 1 month into allotment ownership, I can happily report our progress is on track! We have dug our required 7 beds, ordered our seeds (and had them delivered) and can now rest on our laurels throughout December ready for action in 2011! Looking around the allotment though, we definitely stick out as the amateurs! Our […]

Muddy Boots

November 14, 2010


Getting into somewhat of a routine now with the Sunday dig… a quick march to the allotment, barrow, boots and tools in tow, and the digging commences at about 9 a.m. I’m quite sure many others would rather still be tucked-up in bed on a chilly November morning, but I know all this works means I can reward myself […]

Allotment Trouble Makers

November 9, 2010


More digging this week at the allotment, though considerably speedier than last week. We now have a method rather than simply random, back-breaking digging. It actually involves my partner doing all the digging and me doing the lifting of muddy weeds…I think I have the easier option. So progress this week is 2 more beds […]

From the ground up…

October 31, 2010


Official work day 1 in the allotment today. I marched, shiny new tools in hand and squeaky wheelbarrow at the ready to our plot 9.30 am. Quite clearly, I am in the mode of enthusiastic novice as there was no one else on the allotment at that time on a Sunday… Anyway, I had a rough idea […]

Introducing the allotment…

October 31, 2010


Having recently moved to the countryside, I’m quite clearly trying to create my own version of ‘The Good Life’ (that somehow fits in with ‘The Love Life’, ‘The Work Life’ and ‘The Social Life’…). Given this therefore, I feel compelled to ‘grow my own’ and have been lucky enough to secure an allotment in the […]