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Middle Eastern Pomegranate Mince Flatbread

July 4, 2011


I always find myself drawn to recipes with flavours from the Middle East. I think it’s something to do with the clever mix of spices and sweetness in the dishes and the pungent aromas and evocative nature of the recipes. From tagines, to dips, to amazing baked vegetable dishes. The flavours pack-a-punch that just work […]

Fruity Spelt & Brazil Nut Loaf

March 24, 2011


Ever since I was little, I’ve loved a slice of fruit bread. My mum used to buy Soreen, a dense, malty fruit bread that was almost mouldable. Spread with jam or warmed slightly and eaten on it’s own, it was the perfect afternoon snack. Over the years, I’ve experimented regularly with my own fruit-breads from […]

Banana Chai Bread

March 9, 2011


I am not a fan of brown bananas. Any hint of brown speckles on my banana skins and I know that they’ve ripened to far for me. It’s a constant challenge of Helen vs. the fruit bowl to eat them before they get to that stage! Thankfully, there is a way for me to rescue […]

Soda Bread

January 15, 2011


To tell you the truth, I’ve been a little under the weather. Afflicted by a winter cold, even my love of food and cooking has diminished in a hazy cloud of sleep deprivation and constant sneezing. I need comforting food, that wraps around me like a blanket. Thick soups, mugs of tea and warm bread will […]

Sweet Potato Focaccia

December 24, 2010


The Christmas buffet spread is a thing of wonder! Juicy, salty ham, creamy cheese and sweet chutney served alongside yule log and wedges of fruit cake. I could happily graze on such a spread every day, but would clearly end up looking like Mrs Clause! If you have a little time to spend beavering away […]

Cinnamon Bread

November 20, 2010


This recipe is especially for Mary Booth (a.k.a. Sarah’s Granny!) I have a mild obsession with the work’s of Martha Stewart…. while looking upon Amazon I realised the full extent of her written works and I’m on a mini-mission to procure her back catalogue. On reading one of my recent purchases (Martha Stewart Living, 2002 […]