Chocolate Zabaglione (adults only!)

Posted on January 30, 2011


There are many different chocolate mousse recipes, with varying amounts of intensity and difficulty.

In small quantities, I favour a mousse with rich, strong, dark flavours. I’ll savour it a tiny spoonful at a time until it happily disappears.

On other occasions, a lighter, softer fare is required. I’m thinking of a grown-up version of the chocolate mousse served in plastic pots at children’s parties. Now, I’ll served an upgraded version of this with the best quality chocolate and a dash of something alcoholic… mmmm

Zabaglione is an Italian egg yolk-based dessert and can be served white (a little like custard) or chocolate, as in this recipe. Often, it’s served warm but I personally like it both warm and cold.

Because it doesn’t use cream in the base, it’s arguably a lower-fat chocolate pud, which might appeal (I do realise egg yolks & sugar aren’t the most healthy components though!). This pudding comes with a rather unsubtle alcoholic kick, courtesy of the Marsala, so definitely not recommended for children!

Quick tip from me on the whisking front is to use an electric whisk if you have one – otherwise all the whisking will exhaust you!

Chocolate Zabaglione

6 egg yolks, 150g caster sugar, 3 tbsp cocoa powder, 200ml Marsala, amaretti biscuits (optional)

Fit a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water (don’t let bowl touch water). Place yolks and sugar in bowl and whisk off the heat until dissolved and the mixture is pale. Add cocoa, Marsala and place bowl over the simmering water, whisk until the mixture is smooth, thick and foamy (about 10 minutes). Pour into your serving glasses, decorate with amaretti biscuits and serve (if serving warm). Otherwise, leave glasses to cool and then chill until required (makes 4 large/6 medium servings).


Helen x