Moussaka and Memories

Posted on May 8, 2011


In  2010 I had a lovely holiday in Rhodes with my other-half, where I managed to drag him to a cookery course in the quaint Melenos Lindos hotel.


Here we were taught how to make an authentic Greek meal, which included feta filo parcels and a delicious Moussaka. I first wrote about this on my previous blog (feedahappylife) and have since remade and enjoyed several times. As such, I think it’s worthy of repeating and sharing with all my new readers on Parlour & Pantry!

It’s very easy to scale this up for a casual dinner party and once you’ve done all the faffy prep bits (of which the aubergine is a little annoying!) it can be set aside until it’s needed to go into the oven. The white sauce is made a little more interesting with the use of cornflour and olive oil. When it bakes it puffs up slightly and has a very light texture. I’d recommend serving it alongside a simple green salad and plentiful amounts of wine!

Hope you enjoy, this is one of my favourites and brings back lovely memories every time I make it!

Moussaka (serves 2)

200g best lean beef (optional – marinated for 4 hours in olive oil and herbs), 2 beef tomatoes (1 finely chopped and 1 sliced), 20g Parmesan, 25g plain flour (+ extra to use as coating), 25g cornflour, 50ml light olive oil (+ extra to use for frying), 500ml milk, 1 aubergine, ½ finely chopped onion, 20g feta, selection of summer herbs

Step 1: Chop the beef into small pieces. Add to frying pan and brown. Add onion and tomato and cook for five mins on low heat. Put to one side.

Step 2: Remove lengthways 1cm sections of the peel from the aubergine (this will create a striped effect on the outside) and cut into ½ cm thick slices. Drop slices in bowl of cold water and then coat in flour. Lightly fry in hot oil for 2 mins on each side until golden. Remove and sit on kitchen towel to drain excess oil

Step 3: Add cornflour, plain flour and olive oil to large saucepan and create a roux. Keep stirring on low heat to cook out the flour. Gradually add the milk, whisking all the time (the lumps will go – just keeping adding & whisking!). When thickened stir through half of the Parmesan and 2 tbsp of chopped herbs.

Step 4: Use a small bowl to assemble dish. First, create a layer of tomatoes, add a sprinkling of the herbs and Parmesan and then add a layer of aubergine. Repeat with another layer of tomato, herbs, Parmesan and aubergine

Step 5: Spoon the beef mixture on top and press firmly into dish

Step 6: Spoon béchamel sauce mixture on top, and a sprinkling of herbs and then another covering of sauce (you need to ensure herbs are slightly covered by sauce to prevent them burning)

Step 7: Place in the oven (160c) for 25 mins

Step 8: Sprinkle the feta over the top of the moussaka and return to the oven for another 5 minutes

Helen x

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