Allotment Adventures: February

Posted on February 20, 2011


It has been some time since I’ve written about the allotment, as we allowed the winter to do it’s best to freeze and break-up the soil. However, we can hide from manual labour no longer and must put spade to soil and grow some veg!

February Action Plan:

  • Add grit to our clay-ey soil
  • Check the PH level of the soil
  • Dig in fertilizer
  • Chit potatoes
  • Sow tomato seeds

On arrival at the allotment, it was clear some beds were more ready than others, with 2 extremely waterlogged. On a positive note, the water content in the ground might help to mitigate the fact that there is no water on the allotment for easy summer hydration!

Our top gardening gadget this month is our new soil PH tester – I’m quite sure this is an excessive purchase than clearly indicates our amateur ‘new allotment’ status to all the ‘old hands’, but it is quite cool all the same. We’re now able to ensure we’ve got the right PH level in each of our beds for what we’re trying to grow. I hope all this accuracy results in a bountiful crop!

Slightly less exciting is our fertilizer purchase. Confused by the array of options in the garden centre, we ended up with the delightful mix of blood, bones and fish (mmmm…..), which we’ve now dug in with some grit to help break-up our rather clay-ey soil.

I’ve chosen to grow Anya and Desiree potatoes and have now started to chit the seed potatoes in egg boxes on a window ledge. It’s not the most attractive addition to our decor, so we shut the door and let them grow out of view!

Our final action this month was to sow the seeds for our tomato plants. Again, a newly purchased gadget helped out here. Our rather nifty ‘sow & grow’ propagator from B&Q comes with little disks of peat that expand when water is added to them, enabling you to pop your seeds on top and plant the individual plant cells into the soil in a few weeks with minimum mess. No doubt this is another gadget that the ‘old hands’ would laugh at but I’m all for ease with our first year of activity!

It’s great to be back outside on the allotment! Looking forward to March’s planting activity already!

Happy digging,

Helen x