Winter Salad: Roast Pepper & Bulgar Wheat

Posted on January 18, 2011


Here’s a filling and healthy salad to make grey winter days a little more vibrant.

This has quite a variety of ingredients to give it the right mix of sweet, salty and herby flavours but you can easily play around with some of the components if you’ve not got them in your cupboards. For example, the apricots can be happily swapped for raisins, the mint for parsley and the bulgar wheat for cous cous.

I’ve chosen a dressing using pomegranate molasses, largely because I bought a bottle of it some time ago and desperately need to use it up. It is perfect for this sort of middle-eastern themed salad, but if you don’t want to buy a bottle I’d suggest a simple lemon and olive oil dressing to perk this up!

The main prep here is the roasting of the peppers. It’s a bit fiddly but very simple. First, you’ll need to blacken them under the grill, then cover them with clingfilm in a bowl until cool and finally remove all the blackened skin with your fingers. Don’t short cut and use them raw, the taste really isn’t the same. Instead, if you’re short of time you can get hold of ready-roasted peppers from the supermarket or deli counters. I often have jars of these in the pantry on stand-by for quick salads.

Other than that, it’s a really simple and quick salad to prepare. Bulgar wheat has a slightly nuttier taste and texture than cous cous and takes about 25 minutes to soak in boiling water to be ready. Cous cous is cooked in the same way in just 5 minutes, so again swapping the grain would also save time.

Hope these salads are inspiring healthy, happy thoughts rather than dieting dread!

Roast Pepper & Bulgar Wheat Salad

Salad: 100g bulgar wheat (dry weight, cooked according to pack instructions), 2 peppers (roasted, skins removed and flesh torn into strips), 60g crumbled feta, large handful mint (roughly chopped), 10 dried apricots (sliced), 1/2 red onion (finely chopped), seasoning

Dressing:  2:1:1 ratio of olive oil:pomegranate molasses: white wine vinegar (e.g. 30ml oil, 15ml molasses, 15ml vinegar)

Mix together the mint, cooked bulgar wheat, chopped onion and apricots. Spread out on a serving dish. Scatter over the strips of pepper and feta and drizzle with dressing. Season as required and serve.


Helen x