Grown-Up Mince Pies

Posted on December 15, 2010


I’m always a little undecided on mince pies…. I love the sweet, sticky fruit in the middle but generally get a bit bored of the pastry. Hence, if I’m making mince pies, they are generally lid-less (this is potentially also a sign of my hopeless pastry skills).

Anyway, this recipe was a happy accident. I was soaking fruit and nuts in spiced rum, and had made my own marzipan to test my stollen-making skills, when I realised I had run out of yeast and with the snowy conditions there was little chance of getting any for a few days. What to do with my elements of deliciousness???

While I could have quick happily eaten boozy-fruit and marzipan without adornment, it seemed a little slovenly….So, following a quick riffle through the fridge, I found some ready-made filo pastry and within a few minutes I’d crafted these little delights!

Grown-up mince pies with minimal pastry (tick), boozy fruit (tick) and sweet, almondy marzipan (tick)! These pass my tick test…and now I have to make sure I don’t let too many pass by my lips! I think these are best eaten warm or at least on the same day of baking to ensure the filo stays crisp.

Grown-up Mince Pies

 4 sheets of filo pastry (cut into squares), 150g mixed fruit, 20g chopped nuts, 100ml spiced rum (or alternative spirit), 60g ground almonds, 30g caster sugar

First, soak your fruit and nuts in about 80ml of the rum (ideally overnight for everything to be plump and juicy). Preheat the oven to 180c/ GM4. Make your marzipan by mixing ground almonds, caster sugar and 3 tsps of rum into a bowl. Combine for about 5 minutes with your hands until oil starts to be released from the nuts and you can roll into a ball (don’t panic if it looks dry at first, keep squeezing the mixture in your hands!). Fill a muffin pan with 8 paper cases. In each case, place a square a filo and then another over the top. Scrunch to make pastry cases (see image 1). Divide marzipan into 8 small pieces, flatten into a coin shape and place in each little pastry case. Divide fruit mixture into each case and place in the oven for 10 -15 minutes (remove when golden). Recipe makes 8 mince pies.

Enjoy (with a Christmas tipple or two….)

Helen x