Heart Shaped Gift Boxes

Posted on December 12, 2010


Should you need to add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your Christmas gifts, these handmade heart boxes may be just the thing you need.

They are surprisingly easy to make, even for me whose desire for rapid results often ruins tasks requiring patience and accuracy.

I bought all of my bits and pieces from Hobby Craft, though you don’t have to buy things specially for this….

  • Instead of buying patterned paper, you could use wrapping paper as an alternative
  • A bone folder is a relatively cheap tool for folding card (about £2), but in all honesty, you can get away with using the end of a spoon and a ruler
  • I’ve used spray adhesive which is pricy compared to a glue stick (£8) and the latter is equally as good for this project

With some nimble fingers, you can make one of these in under 20 minutes.

I think I’ll make several, in Christmas colours, fill them with chocolate and hang them on my tree! You could of course be nicer than me and give your handmade, chocolate-filled boxes away!

Heart Shaped Gift Boxes

1 A4 sheet of card (white or colour to coordinate with your paper), 1 A4 sheet of coloured paper, Glue, Ribbon (roughly 25cm), Sweets (or filling of your choice), Double-sided tape, Scissors, Ruler, Bone Folder, Heart box template (click here for template)

Step 1: Glue your coloured paper to your A4 sheet of card

Step 2: Cut out the template and stick to your A4 card. There is a blocked line and a dashed line. Cut along all of the blocked lines with your scissors.


Step 3: Follow the dashed line and use you bone folder (or alternative) to score the card. Use a sharp object to make holes in the indicated place. Remove your template

Step 4: Carefully fold all of the scored lines.

Step 5: Fold Section A towards the plain card. Stick a small square of double sized tape onto the patterned side of Section B and adhere to Section A. Stick a longer piece of tape to the patterned side of Section A and adhere to Section C

Step 6: Fill your heart with sweets (or alternative)

Step 7: Fold Sections D and E into the heart and slot together by using the cuts in the card

Step 8: Thread 1 end of the ribbon through 1 hole and thread the other end of the ribbon through the other hole (on the same side of the heart). Pull through the centre and the holes on the opposite side and tie neatly into a bow.


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