Quick Christmas Crafts!

Posted on December 10, 2010


Christmas is my favourite time of the year, when all the things I most love are served at once..people, food, wine, fun & presents. What could be better?!

With Christmas rapidly approaching, things are getting busy at the house of Parlour & Pantry…There are presents to make, buy and wrap, cards to craft, write and send and food to plan, prepare and cook…wow! December is a busy month.

In these busy times therefore, the perfect mix of homemade and time conscious activity is needed. I think these handmade gift tags hit the right note. More individual than shop bought, but almost as quick! Templates are available online, you need less than 5 things to make them and they’re a bargain too…

I’ll be using these to adorn my presents this year, particularly those of the foody variety such as my homemade apple chutney. Can I tempt you to do the same?

Christmas Gift Tags

Brown luggage tags (available from Staples/Post Office about £0.99 for 10), Glue, Scissors, Paper labels (I used the template from Delicious Magazine though you could be more creative and make your own to their dimensions if you have the time), Ribbon (this is an optional extra, they look great without this addition if you haven’t got any spare)

Print and cut out labels. Glue edges and affix to luggage tags. Chose ribbon (if using), cut to appropriate size and thread through tag hole. Label done!

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