A Medley of Christmas Crafts

Posted on December 6, 2010


December is a source of much inspiration for Parlour & Pantry, resulting in constant activity…some of which is more successful than others….

First, I’ve been dabbling in the creation of homemade cards, with blank cards (£3.99 for 50), ribbon (£2 per roll) and a gold pen (£2), all from Hobby Craft.

These were easy to make and take minutes to complete. I think they’re a really good alternative to shop bought cards. I would recommend you buy blank cards with a selection of colours though, I soon bored of green!

Next, I’ve been busy making 1950’s Christmas Tree decorations, following a lesson at the Spinsters Emporium in Nottingham. These were made by cutting felt shapes (based on 1950’s pattern), stitching them together with a blanket stitch and stuffing them with toy/cushion filling (all materials easily available from craft stores).

If you would like to do the same without attending the Spinsters Emporium (which is great by the way), you can find templates via google (e.g. http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/Christmas_templates.htm), draw them onto tracing paper, cut from your felt and sew the edges together using either running or blanket stitch (click here for overview of blanket stitch). Don’t forget to leave a hole to insert your stuffing through before you complete the stitch!

Finally, something slightly less successful…. my homemade wreath. This was made with a florists frame and wire (mine cost about £0.60 and £2 respectively from www.carnmeal.com), a bag of pine cones (£1.99 from Dunelm Mill) and some ribbon, left over from card making.

It’s quite a fiddly business, twisting wire around the base of the pine cone and then wrapping it around the frame. Hence boredom arose before I properly completed  mine and it looks somewhat sparse!

Nonetheless, I feel heartened by my attempts at Christmas crafts and hope I can inspire you to do the same!

Helen x



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