Digging Complete (for now…)!

Posted on November 22, 2010


Well, 1 month into allotment ownership, I can happily report our progress is on track!

We have dug our required 7 beds, ordered our seeds (and had them delivered) and can now rest on our laurels throughout December ready for action in 2011!

Looking around the allotment though, we definitely stick out as the amateurs! Our graveyard like plots bear no resemblance to the extensive efforts of others, with their beautiful sheds, perfectly straight vegetable plots and handbuilt structures for climbing plants.

Still, I am very fond of our rustic affair!

We now have 1 month to read-up on what happens next…. I’m slightly confused about what to do with all these seeds as it turns out you don’t just put them in the ground (who knew?!). I believe we need to plant them indoors in a propagator (clearly I don’t own one of these having never had a need for such a thing before), then they go in a cold frame or greenhouse (again, I own neither of these) and then finally they can be planted in the ground (thankfully, there is plenty of this!).

Potential cold frame/greenhouse solution?


So clearly purchasing and a seed planting schedule is required. I will take on this task while my other half investigates how on earth we keep the weeds down….

It would appear that even though the digging has stopped, resting on our laurels is not an option after all!

Helen x