Muddy Boots

Posted on November 14, 2010


Getting into somewhat of a routine now with the Sunday dig… a quick march to the allotment, barrow, boots and tools in tow, and the digging commences at about 9 a.m. I’m quite sure many others would rather still be tucked-up in bed on a chilly November morning, but I know all this works means I can reward myself with hard-earned cake and not feel guilty! That, and the pleasure of accomplishment, ensures I’m up and raring to go (also, as it’s only 3 weeks into allotment ownership the novelty has yet to wear off!).

However, on arrival today a new challenge was to be faced….mud, mud, glorious mud (or not so glorious actually). The ground was pretty sodden, which made digging a bit of a nightmare. The allotment guides had mixed messages about how to treat this issue… one said you shouldn’t dig if mud stuck to your boots, whilst the other offered no such limitations of winter digging….

Well, the mud was definitely sticking, in giant, squelchy clumps. However, there is only one more digging weekend left before the allotment must be put to bed until January (this is driven by my diary and lack of time rather than the allotment gurus advice) and so the sludge was defied and dug through.

Of the 8 planned beds, we’ve now completed 5….

We’ve also had a change of layout as a result of some practical considerations that have trumped my aesthetically-driven designs. The plan now looks like this:

The main changes are smaller plots with access for essential manure deliveries and logical placement of water-butt (near to road for access as we’ll have to bring water in – none on site!!). With some recognition of amateur status and my tendency to be overambitious, some of the allotment will be left as grass until a suitable, low effort use is thought of!

Last digging week on 2010 next week! Fingers crossed the rain doesn’t get in the way….

Helen x