Allotment Trouble Makers

Posted on November 9, 2010


More digging this week at the allotment, though considerably speedier than last week. We now have a method rather than simply random, back-breaking digging. It actually involves my partner doing all the digging and me doing the lifting of muddy weeds…I think I have the easier option.

So progress this week is 2 more beds dug. Just 5 more to go! They are a little higgledy-piggeldy but we’ll neaten them up later!!

However, slight drama this week as a result of our first days activity. We took some manure from what we believed to be a communal pile, only to find out by way of a rather large and well-made sign that we were considered theives!!

Not quite the best way for us to make friends with our allotment neighbours! Profuse apologies have followed!

Helen x

By the way….feel free to comment on any of this and advise me of what I should be doing and what I’m doing wrong!!