Introducing the allotment…

Posted on October 31, 2010


Having recently moved to the countryside, I’m quite clearly trying to create my own version of ‘The Good Life’ (that somehow fits in with ‘The Love Life’, ‘The Work Life’ and ‘The Social Life’…). Given this therefore, I feel compelled to ‘grow my own’ and have been lucky enough to secure an allotment in the village.

My partner and I have signed-up to a years rent on a half plot – a rather sizeable 16 metres by 8 metres – for £20. Here is our piece of mud and weeds….

Neither of us has the slightest clue what we’re doing and as of today, we have nothing but our hands and an allotment book to start with.

Over the next 12 months, I’ll be sharing the pain and pleasure of the allotment, hopefully share some recipes with you from my home-grown goods.

Quite clearly, our first steps are to:

a) buy some tools

b) plan our space

c) order our seeds

d) weed, weed, weed

Not so much fun to begin with….but watch this space…

Helen x