From the ground up…

Posted on October 31, 2010


Official work day 1 in the allotment today.

I marched, shiny new tools in hand and squeaky wheelbarrow at the ready to our plot 9.30 am. Quite clearly, I am in the mode of enthusiastic novice as there was no one else on the allotment at that time on a Sunday…

Anyway, I had a rough idea of how the ground was to be prepared and ambitious visions of digging all the vegetable beds in one day – ha!!! Now I realise the effort in digging just a little one!


The Grand Allotment Plan

My partner and I quickly realised that no matter how much we spent on our shiny tools, it would still take a lot of effort (more than I had appreciated) to dig deep into the clay soil and clear the weeds. We managed 3 hours of digging, barrow emptying and weeding before we were exhausted! However, huge benefit was gained from the visibility of our efforts – so hard but such immediate gratification!

So, here is our first little vegetable bed, lovingly dug and covered in manure, reading for sowing with our potatoes in the spring…

This is potato plot 1, where the obligatory Maris Pipers will be nurtured to a plump, edible form.

A quick glance around the allotment reveals how far behind we are compared to our plot neighbours…

Only 7 more beds to dig….

 Helen x