Sewing a basic tablecloth

Posted on October 28, 2010


Ok….this is my first step with the sewing machine…

Having invested the princely sum of £100 in the Toyota machine below, I am now ready to put needle to fabric and start creating works of wonder (hopefully not works of ‘i wonder what it is’ though)Step 1, learn the basics. I’ve spent about 1hr learning how to thread my machine, thread a bobbin and make simple stitches. This is the sum total of my machine knowledge, but I’ve read that a tablecloth is very basic so I’m hoping it will suffice.

Step 2, fabric purchase. This was made rather more easy by the discovery of a beautiful Sanderson remnant in an antique shop. I managed to purchase 4 metres of fabric for £6. Given Sanderson fabric usually sells for £30/metre, this is a bargain! It also means I’m slightly less concerned about ruining the fabric through my limited abilities. So, big tip, if you’re a beginner like me, search for remnants to use for first projects.

Step 3, measure table. I took a bit of a shortcut here and draped the fabric over the table and cut what I thought was the right about (I get bored by all this measuring business – I’m sure this will become an issue with more complex creations!)

Step 4, sew hem. I think I could have made this process easier by ironing the hem first, however impatience stopped this and I simply folded oven 1cm, sewed and then folded over again (so there were no rough edges of fabric showing) and then sewed again. As you can see, the sewing was straight or particularly neat – something I need to work on! I also think I’m supposed to do something clever with the corners to stop them looking so messy – must research this!

Step 5, ta da!!! The finished tablecloth in all it’s glory….

So, first sewing project done and from afar I think it’s looks OK. However, any close inspection would immediately reveal my amateur status! Next, I’m going to work on placemats…less material required and more precision needed!

I have a feeling that crafting prowess is some way away yet….

Helen x

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