Chocolate & Berry Mound Cake

Posted on October 10, 2010


My first foray into blogging was called feedahappylife. It was home to my experiments in the kitchen and for the first time provided me with a focus for my efforts. As I sought to improve it and grow my readership, I lost some of the things I most enjoyed about writing and the cooking process. The content had become too ordered and my recipes too planned and formulaic.

I took a break and thought about what I wanted to create. Pressing the pause button on feedahappylife led to the creation of Parlour and Pantry, which enables me to apply my passion and creativity to everything concerned with food. Making, baking and growing delicious things to enjoy and share and following whatever inspiration grabs me.

I can’t forget a few of the recipes from feedahappylife though and have migrated some of them here. This first one, is a light chocolate cake, which is all good things a mouth deserves. Crunchy, sweet, juicy, creamy and sensuous. It deserves to baked and shared….

 200g best dark chocolate, 250ml double cream, 400g frozen berries (defrosted), 200g fresh strawberries, 140g caster sugar, 4 eggs (separated), 2 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tbsp strawberry conserve

Preheat oven to 180c. Butter and line a medium, springform cake tin. Use food processor to create a powder from chocolate and caster sugar. Add 120ml of boiling water and stir. Add egg yolks and vanilla and stir. Whisk egg whites and fold into the chocolate mixture. Pour into the cake tin, bake for 50 mins until the top is cracked. Allow to cool for 60 mins and refrigerate. When ready to serve, whip cream until thick, stir through strawberry conserve and spoon over the cake. Mix drained frozen berries with fresh strawberries and tumble over cake. Slice and serve.